Founded in 1996, Kesarjan has grown to become multi-million Rupee company with prestigious projects to its credit. 

Now our experience in manufacturing fly ash based products gives us very good understanding of this resource and flexibility to develop design specific products.  We have taken our mission further by utilizing construction and demolition waste, waste of soda ash plants, ferrous processing units and other industrial by products.  Many of our products are made of upto 90% recycled materials.  Our product range includes Fly Ash – Lime bricks to Precast Elements using polycarboxyl based Self Compacting Concrete.

Production unit near Ahmedabad is spread over 4000 sqm and equipped with basic infrastructure of 800 sqm of concrete platform, lime tanks and 11 curing tanks of 20,000 liters each. Building Centre is buzzing with the production activity using different moulding technologies and different raw materials to improve performance of the materials. Machinery include number of egg layers, hand presses, rotary press, stationary vibrator machines, vibrating tables, concrete mixers, pan mixers etc. All these machines utilize more than 100 different types of molds of modular as well as customized sizes and shapes. 

Our experienced staff keeps the quality of raw materials and production process under check. Finished products are continously tested in in-house and external laboratories.

Eco Block Range
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Raxint Range
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Concrete Precast
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Ready Mix Lime Mortar
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